Valeria Krasavina Miami Fashion DesignerValeria Krasavina in her home studio. Photo © Ekaterina Juskowski

Russian-born fashion designer Valeria Krasavina moved to Miami eight years ago. After studying fashion design for five years in Moscow she graduated from Miami International University of Art & Design and worked in the fashion industry as a head designer and fashion consultant before launching her own brand in the beginning of 2017.

#MIAMIGIRL visited the designer at her home studio to talk about Miami style, the business of fashion and women that inspire her creations.

#MIAMIGIRL: Don’t we have enough fashion brands already?

It depends. (laughs) My work for big fashion brands helped me discover my own vision through the things I didn’t exactly like doing: working in a rush, producing in volumes, creating a new collection every two months. There is so much waste in the fashion industry today. But most importantly, I felt like my artistic value was diminished in the process.

The decision to start my own brand wasn’t an easy one; it took the risk of quitting a well-paid job and adjusting to the unstable life of an entrepreneur. With my brand I want to inspire people to slow down and discover their individuality instead of chasing trends. I also want to inspire them to consume less – the principle I live by.

Doesn’t “consume less” exhortation contradict the essence of the fashion industry that runs on producing and selling more?

It is all about our personal choices. People create demand by wanting and consuming more. I believe that if everyone made a conscious decision to buy less, the brands would have to adapt and come up with new business models. 

I’m going back to the vision of a designer as a couturier and an artist. I’ve designed my first collection and it is getting a lot of interest from private clients. All of them are women, who value their individuality and who are tired of wearing mass-produced fashion. I’m also developing a collaboration model with local boutiques where I would create unique capsule collections for each one of them. My hope is to create a sustainable business that will allow me to preserve my artistic side and my individuality.

In addition, I combine fashion with art by using left-overs from making clothes to create mixed-media fashion illustrations. My clients can buy the dress they love in the form of an art piece.


Valeria Krasavina Miami Art Fashion Miami Girls(Left) Valeria Krasavina wearing a top from her first collection on the walk in Miami Downtown. Photo © Ekaterina Juskowski (Right) A collage from the artist’s fashion illustrations series. Photo courtesy of the artist.

What is your take on Miami fashion?

I love Miami and want to break the misconceptions about the city being a sandy beach town. We have a very interesting innovative fashion scene. The fashion I’m talking about hasn’t made it into the mainstream yet. It is an exciting mix of many international cultures adjusting to the local weather and lifestyle. The people creating and wearing styles original to Miami are not necessarily in the glossy magazines but you can see them at the events, art exhibitions and in your Instagram feed.

Will Valeria Krasavina always stay a local brand?

Anything local is inevitably international when it comes to Miami. This is another reason I love the city. All of my clients are from different countries and a lot of them travel extensively around the world. Since most of my designs are one-of-a-kind statement pieces, I hope they will create some noise everywhere my clients take them.

Describe the woman you design for.

She is original, ready to make a statement and be in the center of attention, she is feminine but free in her movement, confident because she is comfortable. She is definitely creative and knows exactly who she is. And she lives in Miami.

Who is your muse and a role model you would like to design for? 

Natalia Vodianova. She epitomizes a perfect woman for me by being successful, driven, a dedicated mother and an activist. I admire her talent to use fashion for raising awareness of some of the most important issues.

Where can we buy your creations? 

For now, only by contacting me directly through my website

Ekaterina Juskowski

Founder and executive editor of #MIAMIGIRL

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  1. Valeria has a beautiful collection and she is absolutely right about the differences between fast (mainstream) fashion and slow fashion. Miami locals are trailblazing the industry but the glossies haven’t caught up yet. The majority of local fashion designers I’ve met care about the environmental and socioeconomic impact our industry has on this planet-unlike BIG labels. By sourcing local materials, hiring locals to design and manufacture and selling in local shops we are creating jobs, stability and stimulating our local economy. To me, that’s what American fashion should be about.

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