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Books & Books, has been able to continue to grow and change and ultimately survive and thrive in what remains an incredibly challenging environment. It’s the story of how through the hard work of a virtual generation of booksellers, a bookstore finds itself making a difference.

Mitchell Kaplan, the store’s founder, started his career working part-time for one of those chains that populated every suburban mall so many years ago. He was a recovering law student – leaving after two years – and had just begun a graduate program at the University of Miami, which would allow him to teach so he could earn a living. But, he was clear about one thing, bookselling, not teaching, was what he really wanted to do.

“Teaching would get me through the next few years after law school,” explains Mitchell. “If I was to own a bookstore, though, I needed some experience, as I knew nothing about business. I had a B.A. in English Literature, but no idea what sales tax actually was. I knew more about Neruda and Thomas Pynchon than I did about interest rates or bank charges.”