On December 10, 2016 over 400 female artists working in Miami and South Florida arrived to PAMM for a historic group photograph. The gathering became the third event in Now Be Here series organized by a Los Angeles-based artist Kim Schoenstadt.

Last summer Kim launched the project with the goal to give women a chance “to stand up and be counted.” Gender inequality has been at the center of art-world discussion for a long time now. But even with the noticeable improvements female artists comprise mere 30 percent of all US artists represented by galleries.

While Miami’s own Gesi Schilling was chosen to take the official photographs of Now Be Here #3, #MIAMIGIRL went behind the scenes to meet some of the Miami artists face-to-face.

Photographed by for Ekaterina Juskowski

“I had a simple idea – a gathering and photograph of female and female identifying contemporary artists at a show of contemporary female sculptors, ‘Revolution in the Making: Abstract Sculpture by Women, 1947-2016.’   This event was an opportunity to take a snapshot of all the female and female identifying working artists in the LA contemporary art community.  It was an opportunity for us to capture a moment where we stood with each other in all of our diversity.”

-Kim Schoenstadt, August, 2016

Now Be Here Miami Kim Schoenstadt
Kim Schoenstadt
Jee Park and Clara Varas Now Be Here Miami PAMM
Jee Park and Clara Varas

Jee Park is a Korean-born artist  working out of Miami. Her work deals with loss, illness and decay. She uses a variety of found materials, as well as medical tubing, gauze, and textiles. Park earned her B.F.A from the School of Visual Arts, New York, NY and an M.A in painting from New York University.

Clara Varas uses household items and industrial materials to explore identity, displacement and the concept of home. Her hybrid works are often rooted in the language of abstraction and the idea of stretching the painting genre beyond traditional interpretations. The objects I employ are marred by overuse and speak to their history or demise in order to open a dialogue between the past and present. Fishing line, discarded clothing, broken furniture, wood, and other unconventional materials provide clues as to a city’s inhabitants and transcend boundaries between drawing, painting, sculpture and installation.

After studying philosophy and religious studies as an undergraduate at Tulane University in New Orleans, Billie Grace Lynn went on to earn an MFA in Sculpture at the San Francisco Art Institute.  She is currently an Associate Professor of Sculpture at the University of Miami.

Now Be Here Miami Billie Lynn
Billie Lynn
Now Be Here Miami Holli Lynne
Holli Lynne

Holli Lynne was born in Cutler Ridge Florida, a small little suburban neighborhood in the city of Miami Florida. After attending Palmetto Sr. Highschool Holli graduated and attended Miami-Dade College Kendall Campus where she acquired her AA degree and then transfered to New World School of the Arts College to pursue her BFA. Currently she is still attending NWSA and works with a multitude of mediums including Graphic Design, Sculpture, Ceramics, Drawing, and Painting.

Holli is also an active Womens Rights Activist, participating in marches and other social gatherings. As well as participating in the community, her art is based on Women Empowerment, body positivity, and the education of the dangers of Domestic Violence.

Now Be Here Miami Pamm Lorena Laird
Lorena Laird
Now Be Here Miami
Reeves Glee
Now Be Here Miami Autumn Kioti
Autumn Kioti
Now Be Here Miami Sarah Michelle Rupert
Sarah Michelle Rupert
Now Be Here Miami Marina Font
Marina Font
Now Be Here Miami Charo Oquet
Charo Oquet

Take a look at the full Now Be Here Miami photo gallery HERE


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