New World Symphony PULSE concert is an award-winning multisensory experience hosted by the New World Symphony twice per year on Miami Beach. When the beat drops the strings start, the lights spark and the whole room explodes in a sensory collaboration of spirited energy, the music hall transforms itself into a unique space reminiscent of the scene at a hot new late-night club.

New World Symphony PULSE concert
New World Symphony PULSE concert
New World Symphony PULSE concert 2014. Photo © Tomas Lowy
DJ playing with the orchestra during the New World Symphony PULSE concert. Photo © Tomas Lowy

Only in Miami can a symphony orchestra partner with renowned DJs and contemporary visual artists to create a multimedia immersive experience for music-lovers to enjoy the sounds of classical harmonies and electronic beats for one of the most unique evenings in the world.

On November 17 the New World Symphony presented PULSE: NEON NIGHTS event produced in collaboration with local DJs Dude Skywalker and composer Sam Hyken. The New World Symphony led by Dean Whiteside transported the audience of neon-clad concertgoers into a world where Romanian Rhapsodies meet nightclub turntables, and the result is the closest thing we have to auditory magic.

Conductor Christian Reif and Soprano Julia Bullock at NWS Pulse
Conductor Christian Reif and Soprano Julia Bullock surrounded by the audience during the New World Symphony PULSE concert in 2014. Photo © Tomas Lowy

New World Symphony PULSE programing aims to present classical music in an unusual way, and create an experience that would introduce this genre to an audience that may not otherwise choose to enjoy a more traditional orchestra event. The combination of the talent of the New World Symphony’s Fellows and the passion behind the music they perform alongside the vibrations of a tribal drum beat and raw percussion emanating from electronic-infused contemporary DJ compositions make this event a must-not-miss Miami nightlight party.

It’s impossible to feel passive about the music and art design at PULSE, and it would be hard to find another symphony in the world that throws a better party. Check the New World Symphony scheduling to learn about the next PULSE event and experience for yourself the evening of pure cultural enchantment here in Miami.

Members of Friends of New World Symphony get invited to the pre-concert rooftop party with the mesmerizing views of the South Beach.

Jacqueline Coleman
Jacqueline Coleman

4th-Generation Miamian and certified sommelier writing about South Florida’s lifestyle.

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