Miami Girls Are Awesome! And Have a Chance to Win $1000

Miami Girls Are Awesome! campaign will celebrate Miami women and their communities during Women’s History Month in March and will give out $1000 grants to women and girls, who have a project or a plan that meets a need, makes a positive impact, inspires people, or addresses an issue of importance to a community.

#MIAMIGIRL met with Natalia Martinez Kalinina of the Awesome Foundation and Brittany Jarrin of the Miami Girls Foundation to talk about their work in Miami and the vision behind the campaign.

Miami Girls Awesome
Natalia Martinez Kalinina and Brittany Jarrin

#MG : What do your organizations do and how the partnership came to be?

BJ:  Miami Girls Foundation is a media for social change platform with the mission to change negative misconceptions surrounding our city and women who live here. Our original goal was to simply present Miami in a way that goes beyond the city’s beach-and-beauty facade. We also wanted to provide a platform for the voices of Miami women, who felt it was time to take a stand against the “Miami girl” stereotype by defining what it means for them to be from Miami and a “Miami girl.” In the process, we’ve profiled over 100 amazing Miami women and created a network of influencers, leaders, and change-makers passionate about making Miami a better place for everyone.

Natalia was among the 30 Miami leaders we selected for the inaugural “Miami Girls Inspiring Leadership” campaign designed to make a distinction between a “girl boss” and a “leader.” The women we featured weren’t only incredible professionals in the variety of industries and sectors, but also leaders inspiring and actively supporting their communities. From these women we learned about the many communities they care about, the challenges these communities are facing and all the people that come together to find solutions. We got inspired and were looking for an to support projects that make the world more awesome by awarding monthly $1,000 microgrants. I started the Miami chapter in 2013 to advance projects that impact our local community and since then we have funded almost 100 grassroots ideas across the city. Miami Girls Foundation’s campaigns demonstrated that women in Miami are a creative, impassioned, problem-solving engine. I thought it would be great to focus a campaign on the ideas they may have to promote local innovation, bridge an opportunity gap, or showcase something in our city from a new perspective.

#MG : What kind of ideas are you looking for?

NMK: Any woman or girl with a project that would benefit a community can apply for the grantWe want to reach the women, who are not yet involved in amazing projects.

BJ: We’ve been also focusing on engaging organizations that work with teenage girls. Our idea is to use the grant application process as a leadership building exercise. All the girls we’ve talked to identify strongly with their communities, all of them could name a few things that need to be improved, at the same time, not many girls think of themselves as someone, who could change the status quo. It is easy to feel dwarfed when facing issues such as poverty, homelessness, or child abuse. So we’ve been asking the girls to take the big problems apart and give us their ideas of first-step improvements.


The applications are open till March 15, 2018 and can be accessed HERE

Ekaterina Juskowski
Ekaterina Juskowski

Founder and executive editor of #MIAMIGIRL

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