Are you a Miami Girl?

Miami Girl

Hey, Miami girl! Have you googled yourself lately?

Been a while? Do it now.
No, not your name. Search for “Miami girl” or “Miami girls” or even “Miami woman” if you are feeling all grown up by now.

You are not a “Miami girl”? Why?
I see, “you don’t act like Miami girls, you don’t dress like Miami girls, you are so much better than Miami girls.”
Don’t you live in Miami?
You do, but you are not a “typical Miami girl.”
What is “typical” in Miami?
I understand, you “don’t want to offend anyone.”

Let’s ask Google.

What luck! Miami native Lourdes Duarte has already answered the question for us. “The 18 Women You Will Most Certainly Meet in Miami,” according to Lourdes: “the gold-digging groupie,” “the prissy princess,” “the tease,” “the attention whore,” “the pill popper,” “la plastica,” “the hot mess”… “the cougar”… we don’t need to continue, I get the point.

You are definitely not like those Miami girls. Do you think Lourdes is? Look, she says she is a “badass writer” and she contributes to the Huffington post. She must be pretty awesome. Is there a “badass writer” on her 18-women list? Nope, I don’t see one. She must have forgotten to include herself.

Here is one more article.
Stacey Russel is not scared to tell it like it is in “Ten Miami Girls You’ve Probably Dated”. Let’s see: “Miss Cougar,” “Miss Golddigger,” “Miss Instagram Model”…
Such a sad picture Stacey paints. You are nothing like that. Stacey is probably neither. She is a self-described writer, social media savant, celebrity connoisseur, sister, daughter, friend, fashion enthusiast and your future BFF.
Stacey seems interesting. I’d love to meet her.
How do you know Stacey? She is your friend?
If she is your friend then she is definitely not a “typical” Miami girl and I definitely want to meet her.
Do you have more friends like Stacey?
Many? And they all live in Miami?
You want to say there are many smart, driven, strong, ambitious, intelligent, fashionable women living in Miami?
And all of them are not “typical” Miami girls? Incredible!
Wait, but what if there are more writers, entrepreneurs, artists, teachers, scientists, doctors and engineers than your “typical” Miami girls?
You are pretty sure there are?
Me too. The city can’t run on gold-diggers.

Maybe we should stop bringing Miami girls down then.
I have an idea, let’s make a list of Miami women we know. We’ll start with Lourdes and Stacey:

1. Miss Badass Writer
2. Miss Social Media Savant

Your turn…


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