The four-day exhibition will be hosted by A+E District Miami at the Canvas Pop-Up Gallery as a place for dealing with and healing from the act of putting your pain on display.

My marriage just ended unexpectedly. The crown represents how recent the wedding was. Only 6 months ago. I have it hanging on my wall. I don’t want to see it anymore. I feel like it makes a mockery of our 5 year relationship filled with so much complexity: joy and sorrow, triumphs and challenges, friendships and families and so much deeply binding love that carried us through it all. We got married in Miami, barefoot on the beach and this crown was the only thing that made me look like a bride. It was one of the best days of my life. And now, just like that, it’s over and it is a constant reminder. I am mourning the loss of this marriage and my husband as if he died. It’s the most painful, heart-wrenching experience I have ever lived. Submitting the crown is my way of acknowledging the pain of this break up and simultaneously taking one tiny step to put it behind me.


After 9 years together, a bridal shower, a wedding, and 5 years of martial bliss/hell these items remained after the divorce why because I like them but I strongly dislike how I acquired the items. Wedding China dinnerware set for 1, only received a set of china for 1 as a gift, turns out the giver was a psychic and must have known I would only need to set the table for 1 because He never come home for dinner. Apron from bridal shower-has a recipe for a perfect wife, it was so freakin cute!!!-no matter how much I followed the recipe he never came home for dinner Wedding shoes-loved these shoes, they still look awesome on my feet but I so hate I walked down the aisle in them, wish I would have ran in the other direction in the shoes.


This is a small make-up bag that my ex-girlfriend left at my place so that when she spent the night she would have some essentials. For some reason, when we broke up, I didn’t throw it away and haven’t since, even though at this point we’ve been broken up for almost as long as we were together. The funny part is that I broke up with her; thinking that I didn’t see the relationship going the distance, and since, haven’t gotten past the thought (I’ll call it a thought – but it’s one of those thoughts that you know to be true, the ones you feel it in your gut) that I ended our relationship too soon and without fully committing and giving it a real shot. The bag’s been tucked away in my bathroom, and every time I go near it, I know it’s there, even if I don’t see it. I chose it for this project because there’s no real reason that I still keep it and even knowing that, have never gotten rid of it. Maybe now I will. I think that part of me thinks that by getting rid of it, I can get rid of the thoughts I still have, or maybe that it’s presence in my house has kept me tied to her…part of me thinks that I should just give it you and keep the rest of my thoughts to myself since, fuck, it’s just time to move on. Sometimes you make mistakes that there is no coming back from.

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