New Zealand comedy show Funny Girls made a spoof to challenge sexism in typical heavy-duty car commercials featuring “macho men” drivers.

SUV and truck advertising usually targets male consumers. Trail-blazing, river-smashing driving scenes, coupled with throaty male voice overs and talk of life on the land became the standard of the genre. To go with the tradition, the clip begins with Holden Colorado driving over a paddock with a male voice-over giving an overview of the “ultimate work horse” with a powerful diesel engine.  The surprise comes when a woman steps out of the car.

Funny Girls Truck Commercial

Funny Girls explained to Metro Magazine that a standard truck commercial is “based on the assumption that women don’t drive trucks, or aren’t farmers. We thought we’d show up this old fashioned thinking by doing an ad parody, with a voiceover character who was sort of a lovable chauvinist and was genuinely surprised that a woman was behind the wheel.


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