Chance Nkosi Gomez is a conceptual photographer who has developed a minimalist aesthetic to challenge the audience’s perception of truth and reality by using the human body to express a visual dialogue. Inspired by the current political state of the United States of America, Nkosi emphasizes the significance of his work by challenging the audience to question their own truth and the reality around them. Currently technology, algorithms and media, all take place at the front line of fire in the political arena; Nkosi responds by stating, “It is important now more than ever to question what one has accepted as their own reality.”

As humanity we colonize, we conquer, we defy, we manipulate and indoctrinate, while the animals are living in the most natural state. If we are the truth to this planet, then the birds must be singing lies.

Chance Nkosi Gomez
Chance Nkosi Gomez at The Set
Chance Nkosi Gomez at The Set

The artist refers to the people he photographs as subjects rather than models because of their unique features and continues to concentrate on the nature of their physical form. Most of his “subjects” are also creatives. Some of his inspirations include Chloe Rosser, Ben Zank and Brooke Didonato who all use human body and clean photographic aesthetic to express their ideas. For one of his concepts titled Hair Reiki Nkosi photographed a piece by Solange Sarria, a Miami-based conceptual artist.

I hope to challenge the viewer to question their truth even in the smallest of forms

Chance Nkosi Gomez

Nkosi wants to “challenge the viewer to question their truth even in the smallest of forms.” In his first solo exhibition titled Birds Singing Lies , Nkosi visually expresses 13 concepts that all connect from a micro to macro perspective. Over the course of four years he has researched and refined his skills to execute his ideas but this particular series manifested about six months ago due to his interest in the socially political art genre.

© Chance Nkosi Gomez

Birds Singing Lies Limited Edition

By Chance Nkosi Gomez
Miami, 2018
Edition of 100
Price $143.00
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Birds Singing Lies  book, 2018. Edition of 100
Birds Singing Lies  book, 2018. Edition of 100
Birds Singing Lies limited edition book
Birds Singing Lies  book, 2018. Edition of 100
Crystal Alyssa
Crystal Alyssa

Artist & Curator

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