On September 30, 2017 hundreds of people marched in solidarity with Black women in Miami. The organizers announced their intention to “center the experiences of Trans Black women, Black women struggling to pay rent, Black girls who are “pretty for a dark-skinned girl,” Black women who are underappreciated and underpaid, undocumented immigrant Black women living in fear of deportation, Black women with children in failing schools, Black women unable to bear children, Black women with visible and invisible disabilities, Black women survivors of violence, Black women who do not have time to cry, Black women who make a way out of no way… all Black women.” In other words, Black Women March highlighted the issues of intersectionality important for understanding experiences of Black women and all women of color.

Black Women March Miami
Jasmen Rogers and Marcia Olivo of Miami Workers Center

Jasmen Rogers Opens Florida March for Black Women (360 Video)


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